G.I Earthing Strip

Galvanized Iron (G.I) Earthing Strip is popular and widely used in the industry for earthing purpose. G.I. Earthing Strip is highly corrosion resistant that increases the longevity providing better protection from voltage transient. Fast Earthing Enterprises provides superior quality G.I. Earthing Strips designed and manufactured by the industry experts. These G.I. Strips are cost-effective, efficient and better suited for earthing purpose.

G.I. Earthing strip is connected to the actual earthing bar than it is ok to insulate with what ever means. In some places G.I. coated steel cables are used instead of insulated cables due to cost or deter thefts. what ever done the end result is you must get the required min earth resistance to meet your installations requirement.

We are supplying G.I. Eathing Strips that are manufactured using qualitative range of iron and steel. Our range of G.I. Earthing Strip strip are widely used for Earth protection.

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